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Founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet is widely considered to be one of the top wristwatch manufacturers in the world and the Swiss company is especially well-known for its avant garde aesthetics. The business was created by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet; two gifted Swiss craftsmen who attended the same school.
Both Audemars and Piguet became interested in developing complex mechanisms for use in highly technical timepieces and this set the company on its path to excellence within the field of haute horology. Today, more than 140 years on, Audemars Piguet remains in the ownership of its two founding families.
As a business, Audemars Piguet has been involved in the production of wristwatches since around 1893. However, in the early 20th century, the company enjoyed greater success producing highly advanced fob watches, such as its Grande Complication collection, launched in 1915, which featured a perpetual calendar and minute repeater.
Nevertheless, in 1893, AP created the world's first wrist minute repeater and in 1921, the manufacturer made history again with the first ever jumping hour wristwatch, which used a calibre HPVM10 movement. However, the Wall Street Crash and resulting Great Depression threatened the very existence of the company and although AP created a skeleton watch in 1934, leaving the parts visible through the dial, sales were far from strong.
Following the end of World War II, the luxury watch market began to pick up again and in 1954, AP continued to innovate with their Reference 5516 watch. This model was the first wristwatch in the world to feature a perpetual calendar with a leap year indicator. Then, in 1967, the company invented the world's thinnest automatic movement.

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