Patek Philippe SWISS Replica Watches

It is a fact that reality and fiction often intersect, and in the case of Patek Philippe, its models have made stellar appearances in the film mecca, such as the case of the Calatrava, which is used by Ryan Gosling in his film most violent and winner at Cannes for best director: Drive.
And it is that beyond the cinema, among the holders of a Patek Philippe we find the names of Queen Victoria of England, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Tolstoi, or Richard Warner. If we travel to the present time, we can find a Patek Philippe on the wrist of one of the most powerful presidents in the world: Vladimir Putin.
Christine Lagarde, former French finance minister, former director of the International Monetary Fund, and current president of the European Central Bank, shares the likes of the Russian president's watches.

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