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The legend began in 1975, when Hublot's founder, Carlo Crocco, asked a designer to create a watch that expresses the marine life style of a yacht owner. The designer then drew inspiration of the first Hublot watches from the porthole of a ship. The porthole is also how the Brand got its name, as the word Hublot literally means porthole in French. In 2005, the Brand reinterpreted this design and landed two ground-breaking successes with the Big Bang and the Classic Fusion lines. The popularity of these watches can be attributed to infusing their classics-oriented design with novel elements as well as to their utmost robustness and the brand's insistence in using only the finest, and in some cases proprietary materials.
In 2004, industry veteran Jean-Claude Biver joined Hublot as the Company's CEO and board member. Biver's entry into Hublot has ushered in a new era of success for the Brand. In 2005, the Big Bang collection was launched under Biver's leadership. The result was an immediate success that fared well in the market, as well as gaining prestigious watchmaking accolades including the Geneva Watchmaking Grandprix. The brand has since regained its prominence and the Big Bang's popularity continues to grow and has cultivated a strong following among watch aficionados around the world. In design competitions, Hublot wins awards regularly for its characteristic combination of daring and sophisticated materials such as carbon, ceramic, titanium and tantalum with e.g. Hublots specially developed King Gold, an 18-carat gold alloy that has a hardness rating which compares to steel.

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