Drive De Cartier W4100013 Tourbillon White Textured Dial Swiss Replica Watches


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Brand:Swiss Cartier Watches


Brand Cartier Range Drive Model W4100013 Gender Mens Movement SWISS Seagull automatic tourbillon movement Case Size 41 mm

Replica Drive de Cartier W4100013 Tourbillon White Textured Dial Watch, 18K white gold case with diamond bezel, Anti-Glare Sapphire Crystal Glass Watch Mirror, Carved Dial, White Electroplated Twisted Rope Carved on Dial, Black Transfer Roman Numeric Time Scales on Frosted Silver Plated Hollow Grille Leaning to Top. The sunlight is reflected mottled by the black-and-white “screen window” of the hollowed-out grid, and falls on the carved forehead like Xiao Lin ;s white frost. Through the sapphire crystal mirror surface, you can vaguely see the radiation effect of the sun pattern, as if it is conveying some mysterious breath to you. The sword-shaped blue steel pointer is placed at the center of the top of the small seconds dial, giving it a special charm on the silvery white dial. Sapphire crystal transparent back design allows you to clearly see the mechanical movement of the small second disc. Drive De Cartier W4100013 Tourbillon White Textured Dial Replica Watch. The first letter C of the brand LOGO is conspicuously nailed on the movement with hollow design style, which has extremely high recognition. What is more important is that the movement manufacturing process adopts tourbillon technology. Whether the watch is placed vertically or horizontally, its balance wheel, balance spring and escapement will undergo imperceptible changes in speed during each swing. With the frequency of vibration 21600 per hour and the maximum power reserve of 50 hours, the effect of gravity will be compensated, thus affecting the accurate timing of the watch. Its structure is complex and its technology is numerous. It consists of 142 fine parts, most of which need to be made by hand, and are inlaid with 19 precious stones. It also needs to undergo extremely difficult assembly adjustment, which determines its complexity and rarity. It allows you to follow tourbillon ;s second-rate heartbeat and refine your time. A black alligator strap and folding clasp are mounted on the 18k white gold case, connecting with your wrist and communicating with your heart, giving you a comfortable feeling when wearing it next to your skin.

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Drive De Cartier W4100013 Tourbillon White Textured Dial


Cartier Watches

small classification





SWISS Seagull automatic tourbillon movement




41 mm

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  1. Staffel

    Very pleased with both the appearance and the cost. The features were plentiful and useful. Would purchase again.

  2. Mark Uchida

    I bought this for my son as a birthday gift.He loved it.We will need to have it made er but this is not a deal.The price was amazing.


    as mised thanks, good seller, fast delivery

  4. Robert A

    thank you, !!!

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