Breitling SWISS Replica Watches

Breitling was founded in 1884, and the independent company is considered one of the most successful luxury watch brands to come out of Switzerland. The brand takes pride in the excellent quality and legendary designs produced over the years, which is something that has never been compromised. The man behind the brand, Leon Breitling became fascinated by speed and racing, which is what spurred him to create the best, most reliable stopwatch available.
In 1923, he presented the first watch featuring independent chronograph pushes, and until then, stopwatches were operated through the winding crown. In 1934, a second pusher was introduced to Breitling watches, which was used to reset the stopwatch to zero, which is when Breitling successfully created the modern Chronograph. A crown and two pushers, which is something most watch enthusiasts take for granted today, go back to this ground-breaking innovation from Breitling.

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