Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal 1948 “LMPO” Noob Factory V6 Black Dial Swiss Replica Watches


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Brand:Swiss Omega Watches


Brand Omega Range Seamaster Model Gender Mens Movement SWISS ETA 2892 Automatic Movement 28800bph Case Size 42 mm Factory Noob Factory

Noob Factory replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal 1948 “LMPO” V6 Black Dial watch, with simple three-pin and calendar functions, is very practical. Using a bezel made of liquid metal and ceramic, the silver gold figures appear to float on the black ceramic. The bezel can rotate counterclockwise individually, which is also one of the essential functions of our diving watch. As is known to all, this watch is best known for its liquid metal technology, the combination of ceramics and flowing gold. The entire bezel scale is inside the ceramic bezel and will never wear out. Even if you wear it for two to three years, the entire bezel scale will be as bright as new. Sapphire mirror surface is coated with inner and outer double layers. The advantage of double layer coating is to reduce the refraction of light and increase the permeability to the greatest extent. Even if we look at the watch from the side, we can also clearly see the dial scale. The blue coating reflected under strong light makes the watch more profound. The whole shell is polished very carefully, and the texture of n has never let people down. 6, 9 and 12 digits are digital time scales, and other scales are replaced by rectangles. In terms of hands and luminous materials, 1948 adopts imported Swiss SuperLume luminous materials, the whole luminous filling is neat and uniform, without any overflow. Above the central axis of the pointer and below the 12 o ;clock logo, we can see the logo ZrO2, which represents zirconium dioxide. The effect of this technology on the dial is that during the use of the watch, the sealing degree of the watch will slowly decrease, which may lead to oxidation of the dial surface. The application of zirconium dioxide is to greatly reduce the oxidation degree. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal 1948 “LMPO” Noob Factory V6 Black Dial Replica Watch. The case on the side is made of fine steel material. After drawing, the touch texture is excellent, and some small scratches can be covered without affecting the appearance. The crown is a ratchet-shaped triangular pit pattern, the tooth ring is exquisitely made and has no feeling of cutting hands, enhancing the rotating hand feeling during adjustment and preventing slipping. Omega ;s resistive logo is on top of the crown. 1948 The back is designed with a dense bottom, the font on the bottom cover is polished and exquisite, and the overall logo shape is remarkable. And engraved with the hippocampus pattern, lifelike, and the hippocampus pattern is not flat with the surface, but gradually presents a radian from the edge inward to float on the surface, with strong stereoscopic impression. The polished strap is very round, made of 316L fine steel material, closely arranged and full of texture. The logo on the clasp is beautiful and clean on the face. The lettering is very delicate and there is no burr to be choosy about. The luminous effect of light blue is very charming and can clearly read the time even in darkness.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal 1948 “LMPO” Noob Factory V6 Black Dial


Omega Watches

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SWISS ETA 2892 Automatic Movement 28800bph



42 mm

6 reviews for Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal 1948 “LMPO” Noob Factory V6 Black Dial

  1. Osbourne Tobin

    Excellent duct, very fast delivery, recommend seller, thanks!

  2. Corey McGeeney

    I really like this one. It's easy to read and fits my wrist nicely. Definitely a keeper. I'm so glad I got this before it sold out.

  3. Steven Menegozzi

    It's been more than a decade since I've worn a watch, and I couldn't have made a better choice! I'm so happy with it: lightweight, right size, simple and sleek. If you need a watch that looks clean on your wrist, you found it!

  4. jean-pierre DINGREVILLE

    Nice watch, It's really cool, I like it very much, thanks!

  5. Allison MacDonald

    Nice watch, good service, excellent tracking. VERY GOOD SELLER. THANKS.

  6. gary troendle

    This watch is very attractive and feels great on the wrist, not heavy at all. The only negative is that the face of the watch is reflective and sometimes makes it a little difficult to read. I am very impressed with the quality.

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