RM Factory Longines Presence L4.921.2.11.7 Yellow PVD Swiss Replica Watches


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Brand:Swiss Longines Watches


Factory RM Factory Brand Longines Range Presence Modle L4.921.2.11.7 Gender Mens Movement Swiss ETA2892 Automatic Movement Case Size 38.5mm

Longines original molds, interchangeable accessories, one table and one code, the main selling points: 1, literally: the three-dimensional sense of logo lettering is the same as the genuine one. 2. Movement and inner cover: Swiss ETA2892 movement and titanium coated anti-radiation inner cover. 3. Shell type specification: CNC polished, size 38.5mm, amplitude sense is the same as genuine. 4. Mirror and handle: S-grade sapphire mirror, original customized handle. 5. Rear cover: The width of the bottom cover and the yarn pattern, and the inner LOGO of the bottom cover are the same as the original ones. 6. Strap: To overcome the problem of strap, CNC numerical control + hand polishing, the cost is not less than the original. 7. Clasp: Customized clasp coding lettering is the only pair of editions.

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RM Factory Longines Presence L4.921.2.11.7 Yellow PVD


Longines Watches

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Swiss ETA2892 Automatic Movement



5 reviews for RM Factory Longines Presence L4.921.2.11.7 Yellow PVD

  1. Kostas Mathioudakis

    The stones on this watch were er than appeared on TV -- no wow factor! Returned for a refund.

  2. Channery

    Received my cheerful yellow watch today and have already received compliments!!! It really is pretty and I am only sorry I didnt take advantage of the TS and buy 2. I may pay the extra and get the aqua!!!!Arley

  3. Adrian Guzman

    I had to comment: To the guy who can't figure out how to set the date so it trips @ 12AM rather then 12PM. Are you for real? If you give your watch to any 12 year-old, I'm sure they can correct the setting for you.

  4. Ragnar Rannok

    Great sale A++

  5. Izzy's m

    I ordered Men's by Amazon online. I like a sport watch. And this is the one which I were looking for.

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