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Brand:Swiss Konstantin Chaykin Watches


Brand Konstantin Chaykin Range Joker Modle K07-0 Gender Mens Movement Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement Case Size 42 mm Factory V9 Factory

V9 Factory Konstantin Chaykin Joker K07-0, the factory lasted for two years with thick accumulation of hair, and broke through the left side of the head to adjust the technical difficulties of the moon phase, as well as the original real moon phase function. Left ? to right ? run once). On the basis of ?hara outfitting and opening molds, ? also draws on various short slabs in other deputies in the market, from the shell ? type to the full function development. Developed on the basis of the ETA2824 basic movement like the original outfit. Not only does it have the same function, but also the movement is stable. It stands out from the various copies and is in one step. Comparable to the original. The main selling points are: 1. The left side can be used to adjust the moon phase, which responds to the real moon phase function of the tongue and head; 2. The left and right eyeballs are slightly convex to stand more upright, and the eye circles are tongue and head. The fineness of the body and the sense of standing are also stronger, and the various details are so beautiful and unique. The original and unique ugly spirituality is unique to the original; The case and accessories can be mounted in a universal original. The original model of the watch: the dial ? is completely made into the appearance of a clown. The small dial and the minute dial are the two eyes of the clown. They are leaning against the black round circle on the inside. Shaped pupil refers to indication time. The mouth is a red moon-colored moon phase, and the corners of the mouth rise, revealing a mysterious smile. The exaggerated red ? smile comes from the little ugly Joker in the famous ? villain ? �� Batman. As for the function, the dial on the left eye indicates the hour, and the dial on the right eye indicates the minute clock. In both cases, the eyeball is used to replace the pointer.ʱ�� As time goes by, Xiao ;s ugly expression changes. The design of the ��lip��, the white, and the white ��incisor teeth,�� just happened to cover the moon phase and turn the dial to complete the function of the moon phase, cloudy, clear, and round. This ��clown watch�� shocked the Geneva Watch Awards last year. The judges gave the opening award to the ��Automaton Joker��, and Jie Yi Although the mechanical award is not awarded to Cheekin, but it can enter the final nomination, it means that it has not been able to win a vote of big manufacturers ; products.

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V9 Factory Konstantin Chaykin Joker K07-0


Konstantin Chaykin Watches

small classification





Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement


42 mm

5 reviews for V9 Factory Konstantin Chaykin Joker K07-0

  1. Tim Marley

    Very nice every day watch. I get alot of compliments on it. I use it for work and it hasn't failed me yet. I am not crazy about the band so I replaced it for a blown rubber one... But wait fro sale to purchase...

  2. Gregory Lehman

    NICE TRANSACTION -- nice watch, reliable quality

  3. Craig McLelland

    Great deal, AA++

  4. Chris M


  5. Bill Duffy

    Thanks !!!! good online deal

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